Talkin' Bout The Future

July 28, 2011

clean manufacturing ethical lipstick organic natural newSo where are we headed in the world of beauty? Better yet, where are we going in the world of production and manufacturing of goods? The former question helped create the idea for ILIA Beauty whereas the latter related to the "how to" do it.

There was a reason it took three labs to get the best product possible. There was a reason the cost of ILIA's packaging was significantly higher with the use of recycled aluminum. There was an even bigger reason to know where all the ingredients came from, and what their roots were based from (most forms of Grape Seed Extract have hidden Parabens added to them at the supplier level), why I used Organic Beeswax, yet chose natural Vitmin E. And better yet, why there is some mild synthetic colour added (0.1-0.3%) in some of ILIA's shades.

I've had a couple emails come through asking all different kinds of questions about why? It definitely took more time to look deeper, and watch my actions while starting ILIA.

The more I read about the industry, the more questions came up about what I was actually making, and how the product came into fruition. In the beginning, there was one lab I worked with that wouldn't disclose the ingredients until the product received a final approval! And that is considered the norm. How can anyone create a product without knowing what goes into it? Its like baking with your eyes (and nose) closed.

If every company, and start up took the time to "bake" their products with eyes open, we can only imagine how different manufacturing and production would be or could be in our world. As a consumer, we have the right to know the story behind our purchases, who we are supporting and why. We also have the right to choose how we want to live (at least most of us, in more privileged nations), and how we are affecting others around us. We may not not realize how powerful these choices are, yet they can dramatically change the way our economy and world function as a whole from what has been for too long, to what it may become for the better.

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