September 16, 2020

Cassandra Reed | Get To Know

Shop the Look: Madeleine & Diarra


Meet Madeleine & Diarra

Madeleine Fall

Madeleine Fall is a Senegalese identical twin, born and raised in New York City. She loves bread, journaling, watercolor paintings, sweets, the color red, and making people try to guess who’s who. She dislikes awkward situations, school work, untied shoelaces, and papayas. There is only one thing about her that has never changed: making the most of every moment.

Diarra Fall

Diarra Fall is Madeleine’s identical twin, and there is little they don’t share—they are both models and nursing students who love to bake and cook, meet new people, laugh, and create coordinated videos. She believes in trying everything at least once, whether that’s a new sport, a different genre of dance, or an unfamiliar food.