September 16, 2020

Cassandra Reed | Get To Know

Shop the Look: Madrona & Taw-Cre-Nee


Meet Madrona & Taw-Cre-Nee

Taw-Cre-Nee Redhawk

Taw-Cre-Nee Redhawk is a student at Haskell University, the premier tribal university in the United States. She is really into athletics, sustainability, nutrition, reading, art films, and photography. She is the older sister of Madrona. 

Madrona Redhawk

Madrona Redhawk is a Las Vegas-based avant-garde “makeup enthusiast,” performance artist and model. Her surreal looks are inspired by the elaborate adornments of her native Shawnee tribe, and her videos, which have garnered a substantial following, capture her unconventional application, which often include using acrylic paints. She counts vaudeville makeup, anything art deco, 1770s fashion and her sister’s paintings as influences.