September 01, 2020

ILIA Team | Get The Look

Here to Stay: 5 Lipstick Tricks to Know

We admit we're more likely to stick to our tried and true techniques than we are to try whatever is taking over the trending page on Instagram. But a little something new never hurt anyone, and tricks that step up our favorite shades are always welcome. 

Here are a few of our favorite tricks to lock in color for the long haul, enhance the look of your lips, and even make magic with that tube of lipstick you’ve never worn outside of the safety of your own home. (Yes, that one.)


Love your bold statement colors but need to take it down a notch? Prep your lips with Balmy Days Lip Conditioner, then dab on Color Block High Impact Lipstick directly from the tube. You can also sheer out the color by transferring color from the tube using your fingertips, then tap the color onto your lips until you reach your desired effect.

Balmy Days Lip Conditioner on top of product smears.
Woman wearing red lipstick


For a poutier look, apply a lighter shade in the center of your lips than around the edges. We like using a finger to lightly diffuse the colors for a more natural look.


Going for bold? Trace your Cupid’s bow and lower lip with True Skin Serum Concealer to create a brightness that makes lips look naturally full and defined.

Woman wearing ILIA Color Block Lipstick in Knockout
layers of different lip products


For even longer-lasting color and added dimension, we love mixing our different shades and textures together. Try creating a base with your favorite shade of Color Haze Multi-Use Pigment, allowing the pigment to completely dry down. Once set, top with Color Block High Impact Lipstick or Balmy Gloss Tinted Lip Oil.


Playing with different base shades can change the entire effect of your look. For example, earthier tones like Color Haze in Stutter will add instant warmth to the shade you put on top, while a pinker shades like Temptation can help cool it down.

Color Haze in Stutter and Temptation

Do you have more lip tips to add to our list? Do you plan on trying any of these out? Let us know in the comments!