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Introducing “Between Us”— our first-ever brand campaign, centered on real-life relationships and all they share: the traits and the tastes, the shorthand and the secrets.

Giving a window into the world, unknown to the outside, of what goes on between two people—yet unifies us all.

Crystal & Alliah


Crystal Moselle is the Director of Betty, HBO’s new series about a crew of young women who skate in New York. She is best known for her Sundance, Grand Jury Prize award-winning documentary, The Wolfpack. In the last decade she has been working with short-form storytelling for publications such as Vice, Nowness and The New York Times.

Alliah Sophia Mourad is the Executive Producer of Betty on HBO, and served as a co-producer on the feature film Skate Kitchen. She is the creative partner, best friend, and “work wife” of Crystal Moselle.

“We both have an optimism, a belief that we can do anything.”

- Crystal Moselle

Madrona & Taw-Cre-Nee


Madrona Redhawk is a Las Vegas-based avant-garde “makeup enthusiast,” performance artist, and model. Her surreal looks are inspired by the elaborate adornments of her native Shawnee tribe, and her videos, which have garnered a substantial following, capture her unconventional application, which often include using acrylic paints. She counts vaudeville makeup, anything art deco, 1770s fashion, and her sister’s paintings as influences.

Taw-Cre-Nee Redhawk is a student at Haskell University, the premier tribal university in the United States. She is really into athletics, sustainability, nutrition, reading, art films, and photography. She is the older sister of Madrona. 

“We Facetime for like 6 hours a day—to the point where we’re silent and making weird noises every once in a while.”

- Madrona Redhawk

Diana & Lydia


Diana Gabriel is a 70-year-old fashion influencer and jewelry designer from New York. Always a creator, she transitioned from painting to sculpture to making jewelry, which she thinks of as "sculpture for the body. She was featured in Ari Cohen's book Advanced Style, and has been included in multiple fashion editorials.

Lydia Gobena is an intellectual property lawyer who started making jewelry because she has very small wrists and fingers, and couldn't find bold designs that would fit her. She met Diana, her best friend, in a jewelry-making class. Lydia currently lives in Harlem with her husband and two daughters.

“You want to be friends with people who have some of the same sensitivities you have.”

- Diana Gabriel

Kelly & Gabriella


Kelly Zutrau is the frontwoman of atmospheric R&B-inflected pop band Wet. She has been featured on NPR, as well as in The New York Times and The New Yorker, who dubbed Wet “The Future of Pop.” In addition to being a singer, Zutrau is also a painter—and her work, ranging from representational to abstract, has been shown in numerous group shows, including a recent exhibit at Morán Morán Gallery in Los Angeles.

Gabriella Zutrau is the Director of Communications at the Office of Senator Salazar at New York State Senate. She is an activist for a range of environmental and social causes—including fossil fuel divestment and racial and economic justice. She is Kelly’s half-sister.

“We’ve evolved into peers. Sharing with each other, asking for advice, it’s much more leveled out.”

- Kelly Zutrau

Madeleine & Diarra


Madeleine Fall is a Senegalese identical twin, born and raised in New York City. She loves bread, journaling, watercolor paintings, sweets, the color red, and making people try to guess who’s who. She dislikes awkward situations, school work, untied shoelaces, and papayas. There is only one thing about her that has never changed: making the most of every moment.

Diarra Fall is Madeleine’s identical twin, and there is little they don’t share—they are both models and nursing students who love to bake and cook, meet new people, laugh, and create coordinated videos. She believes in trying everything at least once, whether that’s a new sport, a different genre of dance, or an unfamiliar food. 

“This is our version of alone, if that makes sense.”

- Diarra Fall

Angelina & June


Angelina Schmalzried is a Brooklyn-based model and self-proclaimed “Lesbian mom” to her two daughters. She has been featured in Dazed, Purple Magazine, and The Times UK, who included her as one of the “19 Creatives Who Are Going To Reinvent Fashion.” She met June, her close friend, on the set of a shoot.

June Gordon is a Miami-bred artist and model, whose introduction to fashion was walking the SS20 Balenciaga show at Paris Fashion Week. With a growing spotlight on transgender models, Gordon is keen to raise awareness—and is cognizant of the strong link between fashion and politics. 

“Having bonds with your queer family is really, really essential.”

- June Gordon

Share what's between you.

To translate “Between Us” into words, we partnered with award-winning Sudanese-American poet Safia Elhillo. Author of The January Children and recipient of the Poetry Foundation’s Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Fellowship, Safia’s work explores belonging, identity, and cultural heritage in today’s world. Safia is a Wallace Stegner Fellow at Stanford University and lives in Oakland, California.

Every ILIA order in December comes with a card featuring Safia’s poem and space for you to write what’s shared between you and your loved one.

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