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Discover the beauty of infinite rewards—earn points with every purchase, plus get access to exclusive perks.

How It Works


Benefits at first blush. Get 50 points for signing up, and keep earning with every order.


Straight to the points. Earn when you order, replenish, review, and more. Don’t worry, points never expire.


Ready, set, redeem. Save at checkout and unlock VIP access to new launches and annual sales.

Ways to Earn

More Beauty, More Rewards

Redeem + Save

Apply points from your ILIA VIP at checkout. Points never expire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find what you're looking for? Live chat or contact us for answers.

Getting Started

What is ILIA VIP?

ILIA VIP is our free-to-join loyalty program. As a member, you earn points for shopping, leaving reviews, following us on social, and more. Redeem points as discounts on future orders—the more you earn, the better your benefits.

Who can join?

The ILIA VIP program is available to everyone—click here to get started. Customers with an ILIA account are automatically enrolled in the program, no additional sign-up needed.

Where can I report a problem or send feedback?

Please send us a note at

How do I leave the program?

If you no longer wish to earn points, please contact us and ask to be unenrolled. Please note that you will lose any points you have accrued.

What happens if I leave and decide to join again?

Just contact us, and we'll be happy to re-enroll you. Please note: Unfortunately, we cannot reinstate any points or membership status earned before cancellation.


How do I earn points?

So many ways—shopping, leaving reviews, following us on social media, and more. Check out the Ways to Earn section above to see everything that will earn you points. 

Do subscription orders qualify for reward loyalty points?

Yes, you’ll earn points on the purchase price for every subscription order.

How do I view my point balance?

Your point balance is at the top of every page in the status bar.

How do I redeem my points?

You can apply your savings directly in your cart when using ILIA checkout. To redeem using ShopPay, copy your code from the My Rewards section, and paste at checkout.

Can I use my points and a promo code?

Yes. Since you can only enter one promo code during checkout, make sure to claim your ILIA VIP reward in your cart instead of as a voucher code from the My Rewards section. Then, enter the promo code during checkout.  

If I return items that I earned points for do I get to keep the points?

If you return an item, the points you earned for it will be deducted from your points balance.

Is there a limit to the number of points I can earn?

There are no limits—go ahead and earn as many as you can!

Is there a limit to how many product reviews I can earn points for?

There’s no limit—the more you review, the more points you earn. Look out for your order review email to get started.

What happens to my points if I cancel an order after redeeming a reward?

Send us a note at with your order number, and we'll be happy to add those points back to your account.


How do I see which tier I'm in?

You can view your tier under My Tier on your ILIA VIP page.

How long do I qualify for each tier?

Once you qualify for a tier, you'll retain your status for one full year.

How do I use my free shipping benefit?

Tier-specific benefits, like free shipping, will automatically be added when logged into your account.


What do ‘approved,’ ‘pending,’ and ‘canceled’ mean?
  • Approved — These points are available and can be redeemed immediately

  • Pending — These points need to be verified before you can redeem them. This typically applies to purchases and reviews.

  • Canceled — These points will not be added to your account. For example, this will happen if you cancel a purchase that earned you points.

I completed an activity. Why haven’t I earned points yet?

Sometimes it takes a few minutes for points to process on instant actions like following us on social media. Other activities that require verification (including leaving a review or placing an order) may take up to a week to process.

Can I use my points during checkout?

If you place an order via ILIA checkout, you can apply your available points directly to your order (in $5 increments). If you plan to use ShopPay checkout, begin by copying your code from the ILIA VIP portal to redeem your points. This code can be applied as a discount at checkout.

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